Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Letters To Clients About Moving Salons

Literature, beer and long walks

arrived in Montevideo on Friday, January 9 around 20:30 (local time micro backward), carrying a good loaf Nobody remembers Mlejnas on the shoulder. The evening as a warming up pre-show was at 20. There were Carlos Rehermann (180 , Dodecameron ), some friends of literature, Ernesto Pasarisa, the Blueberries, Matias Bergara (illustrator of the cover Mlejnas ) and the distance we saw Paul come to a very high Dobrynin. Of course, inside was the author of the book in question, Ramiro Sanchiz, with his wife, Fiorella, the nicest girl in the West.

played a gang posing as Pleroma, a kind of acoustic concert with two guitars and two voices (who I joined guest singing " Working Class Hero" and "Wish You Were Here ) with readings by way of intermezzo and the special participation of Latin crooner Dobrynin metalhead.

some copies were signed, took pictures, and that's how I learned that yes, he had reached the neighboring land and was now in the midst of a chaotic gig and unstoppable.

big dinner that night was great with some of those present at the evening and the special participation of Gabriel Lagos. With Dobrynin discussed on the fiction that choose to dispense with the narrative and haunting end to Onetti (he swears he has a story that is better than "Well " I believe him for now), Lagos laughed almost all the authors mentioned, but from a gentle grace, sticking out the marketers tics of each. Sanchiz took to remind us that all we owed allegiance to Mario Levrero, but I think only he stooped to kiss the floor final.

I must say that during the stay I enjoyed the hospitality of Ramiro and Fiorella, by far much better host than I in the reverse case. On Saturday they traveled by July 18 and somehow ended up at the bookstore where she works Dobrynin. Paul had a lot of very interesting anecdotes about the relationship between Pirie and alchemists. Were outstanding for the upcoming talks.

In the afternoon I met Horacio Cavallo, poet and storyteller, author of Bear cloth and Manufacturing , stable and collaborator poetry section Another Heaven. River Plate discussed several authors, often in friendly disagreements partial, always brightening up a beer. Interestingly, in a speech of 3 always the case that subjects change the balance of power. In one, A and B and C think one thing the opposite. In another, are A and C to B. And so on. The important thing is that Horace, with his poetic expression of cosmic boredom carried on shoulders laden with tenderness and nobility, joined the group of interesting people that one should see more often if it were not life always gets in the way their distances, times and capitalism .

then walked a lot with Ramiro, because the discussions are as dynamic as ever when the body is in motion. In that walk I found some of his plans more megalomaniacs (this is only the beginning.) Wrote a virtual love letter to Pynchon's novel and told me that it is working (that estimate of 400 pages or more). Ah, did tourism, but perhaps more in the background. Even before I had walked through Old Town, a place at the crossroads known forces that result in a lyrical sense of strangeness.

At night there was roast, with some guests in the Sanchiz. I think I owe it all to Fiorella, even my meat strip never arrived (the first two times for being too juicy, the last for lack of meat and bone and fat to be pure, but had the decency not to say anything and talk the really important to be discussed in the table - Beatles, McCartney lettuce, Flashforward series, several Uruguayan writers, as much of the Argentines, Nielsen, Neuman, Bloom's canon, if burning or not Tolkien and the remastering of Ten of Pearl Jam, among others)

I think that night I started to get sick of the throat. Sunday was the wettest day of my stay. However far away I walked to a show that I saw, I found books that were bought or stolen if I could, and I finally had one last meeting with Ramiro and Fiorella lively chat ending at the station where I embark in the evening.

In the middle Paul Dobrynin said there that no one remembers Mlejnas seemed excellently written and I said particular score. Another friend read it over the weekend put her over Persephone (although below Linear ). And I brought my signed copy, of course. Because you will be editor and everything you want, but after all, choose to admire the authors for what they write. At this point, an appreciation for Ramiro (and Fiorella, of course) has little to do with the reasons for posting or reading. Sanchiz I really think is doing a road that will place of privilege in Uruguayan literature, if it succeeds Uruguayan literature ever raise the profile and set aside their humility emblematic.

of my trip, little more than I can count (I now understand better musicians after touring the world say they do not remember too much and it's all a blur ). When you are living 100% in the present, the collection leaves little room for storage. It all boils down to discussions of literature, beers that multiplied like loaves and fishes, and hiking, some sightseeing, some thoughtful, mostly as an accompaniment to words that were left scattered behind my steps, in a city that largely I was living a weekend like any other.


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